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Black Night Protection Inc.

“Giving you Peace of Mind Each and Every Day.”

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Black Night Protection Inc. is a successful and growing company. For over 20 years, we have been providing high quality security, parking enforcement and investigation services specifically designed to meet our clients’ needs.

Based in Miami, Black Night Protection Inc. is a firm that is made up of individuals who work as a team. It is through effective teamwork that its operational objectives are achieved, and clients’ expectations are exceeded.

Our company is operated by a qualified staff with investigation and security management experience. All staff members are highly disciplined and responsible in fulfilling their surveillance duties. In addition, they are also trained on our own premises by Black Night Security School Inc.
This distinguishes our company from other security and investigation companies through the quality of service that we provide. We are fully licensed and we meet all insurance industry standards.

Detailed Proposals

Black Night Protection Inc. submits detailed cost estimates in writing with fees generally considered to be at, or below, industry standards.  Our service , however , is considerably above standard in every way.

Within our industry much has changed in the last few years, and the changes will probably continue at an accelerating pace for some time to come. With the objective for change in mind, Black Night Protection Inc. is a firm that is proactive in finding innovative ways to improve the services provided, and new ways to deliver those services.

With this philosophy and the commitment to be at the cutting edge of developments, Black Night Protection Inc. is a firm that can provide cost-effective investigation and protection.

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